Friday, June 12, 2015

Stardoll Version: Geometric Reflection

Hello everyone 
The graphic of the geometric dress is now completed!
It's been a long time coming sorry, i'm in the middle of organising for events so the graphic schedule has been put on hold. But, there are some awesome projects coming up soon so keep on the lookout! :)

Here is the final graphic, and look! It's animated! :D
The light up areas was where the Electroluminscent Wire was placed on the real garment. If any dollies would like a tutorial on animating simple graphics then let me know - this was done in Photoshop and converted into a gif file.
And here is the cover image. :)
Right now I can't say much about current fashion projects, but I am redesigning TheMetallicWing's logo and sorting out The Stardoll Graphic Corner. I am having issues with TSGC so I may have to do all my posts on this blog until it is fixed! Sorry for any confusion.

On Sunday the speed video of making this graphic will be up and over the next week I will post how the Geometric Dress was made in real life!

Love you all 

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