Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making of Garment: Geometric Reflection

Hello everyone,
Here is a quick video showing what went into making the latest garment.
I was on a tight schedule to make it (less than three weeks) so it was pretty intense!
My apologies for the workspace background, it's not the prettiest setting.
The video is below:

The paper mache took a day to dry per layer. It was VERY strong in the end however and stood up well to the weight of the mirrors. The dress itself weighs about 10kg and I had to wear it for at least an hour at a time. Let's just say that it is as comfortable to wear as it looks (a cardboard corset!) But there was foam padded inside which made it easier. This garment was never intended for comfort but rather a visual avant garde focus.

The light battery packs are hidden under the skirt and are glued into place. They need to be turned on before wearing the dress as the model is laced into the construction. It's pretty easy to put on and take off but an assistant is needed to tie up the laces.

I learnt a LOT making this. BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED! I ordered about 500 mirrors thinking that was plenty - big mistake! I had to order more and they arrived the day before the submission date for the show! That's why you see me working late in my pyjamas in the video :)

Using electronics in fashion is such a cool thing also. If you are a creative person I highly recommend getting some electroluminescent wire. Mine cost about $10(NZD) each and they can be used for pretty much anything. With a few of the leftover wires I attended a concert and they work really well as arm wraps/bracelets. This garment used about 3 wires to outline the structure, each wire is about 3m long.

So yeah! It was a fun experience to work on the garment along with the fashion week events. It felt good to recycle a lot of old papers and card lying around the home and make it into something new.
Let me know what you think! 

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