Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Geometric Reflection

Hello everyone,
It has been a busy few months! Sorry, it's been difficult to balance my work with my online profiles so it's been pretty quiet here.

I recently took part in Canterbury Fashion Week. It was a great experience to work with designers and see the workings backstage. There was an emerging designers section for the event which focused on the concept of 'Illuminating Fashion' which is what I participated in.

The criteria mainly focused on combining lighting with fashion. I decided to experiment with avant-garde and create a dress which was very geometrical and structured. I struggle to remember how many hours it took to make but we has about three weeks to submit it. Let's just say that I was up till 2am the night before the submission date -- the schedule was pretty tight! But worth it in the end.

The dress was made from nearly all recycled materials. Card and paper mache was used for the base, then coated in black paint. The lighting was wired in and then each mirror was glued in by hand. I think I used 800-900 mirrors by the time it was done. I don't want to do that again for a long time. 

It was a little different for this show because I was modelling myself. It was pretty interesting to manage this because to fit the garment requires two people. Luckily with some assistance it went very well and it was a great experience being to walk down the catwalk.

I hope to post more info and how it was made very soon, in the meantime, here is some of the images of the garment from the fashion show.

Thank you Forever Young Photography for the images! <3

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