Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lace Cape: Stardoll Version

Hello Everyone 
For you lovely Dolls, this is the Stardoll version of the Lace Cape.
I tried to make it a posed item also, so it works with the traditional Stardoll Pose :)

Below is a recording of the creation of the graphic but sadly the first 25 minutes (of real-time recording) of it became corrupted :c
So, I did my best to salvage what's left, speed it up and put it into the video below:

Sorry about the missing parts, I really should update my recorder.

So, what do you think? :)

While I am currently working on another garment, once it is released there probably won't be another one until April... or even August! I'm sorry, it's mainly because the projects I am planning on doing are working under secrecy (following education conduct, event rules etc.). So while I will be working very hard, I can't show any actual garments for a while.
It's senior year for me at school, and probably the last year the hiatus will be a problem. The year will be full of opportunities and changes, of which I hope will open up possibilities for more designing in the future.

But, there will still be plenty of content for the blogs, there are fashion tutorials being made and I have been working on uploading extra content such as photoshoot outtakes and vlogs. So, even though there will be no garments for a while, there should be fashion sketches and things which still relate and should be just as interesting c:

Please let me know what you would like to see from me throughout the year either in the comments or on my Stardoll Page. Your opinion helps and I really appreciate it!

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