Monday, December 22, 2014

New garment sneak peek!

Hello everyone. 
Right now many of you will be getting ready for Christmas, it's less than a week away!

Things have been crazy-busy with Christmas/New Years and working with my work hours (which proved to be the BEST time to start running two blogs... am I right?)

I have had the time to work on a new garment though. It is still in progress and has a lot more work to be done, but I would like to give you some sneak peeks regardless; enjoy!

(Yay for messy workrooms!)

The main reason for why it might be a while until it's done is because there is a lot of detailing work. The last time I did this amount of detailing was back with the Peacock Garment, which took about three weeks to finish the detailing alone. It shouldn't be that long for this garment, but it gives a good indication for how long it may be until the final product is shown.

I will be showing more sneak peeks as I progress so you shouldn't be missing much ;)

It's a little hard recording the progress right now because of what's happening right now but when the new year arrives and things begin to quieten down I hope to have a better way of showing you all what I am doing.

So, what do you think it will be? :)

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