Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Light Show + Inspired Designs

Hello everyone 

Right now I've been surprisingly busy with things other than fashion over the past few days.
Luckily there was some time yesterday to do a little fashion work. This isn't part of my next garment/project, but more so to practice designing.

Every year my family visit a place where Christmas lights are set up and timed to music. It's completely mesmerizing and really gets into the festive mood :) The buildings throughout the place are filled with Christmas themed arrangements and toys from all over the world.

I took this as a little opportunity to be inspired and do some designing. Just doing these little things really helps develop drawing skills and how we interpret inspiration into designs into our own.

This is a quick video I recorded and edited of the place to use as inspiration:

Here are the final designs I ended up sketching out. The original intention was to make a quick and easy ready-to-wear collection but I became fascinated with the use of lights in a garment that it kind of turned into avant garde or something similar c:

The garments themselves hug the body and are made in black leather - referencing the night backdrop.
The bright skirts and cape are strung lights and change color according to the music.

It's not very Christmas-themed, but is versatile to suit anytime of the year... you know, if this is your style of course ;)

What do you think? Are you designing (or wearing) any garment inspired by Christmas or anything similar?

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  1. I love those fashion sketches. Always enjoy reading your blog. All the best with MetallicWing :)